In this article, we write about acquiring citizenship of Turkey through investment. You can also check other articles of us about ways of obtaining Turkish Citizenship[1].


There are multiple ways of obtaining citizenship of Turkey. You can buy a property worth more than 250.000 USD, establish a company and make an investment amount of 500.000 USD or equivalent foreign currency, employ 50 employees in your business in Turkey, deposit 500.000 USD or equivalent foreign currency in a bank operating in Turkey, buy government bonds worth of 500.000 USD or equivalent foreign currency or buy real estate investment fund share or venture capital investment worth at least USD 500.000 or equivalent foreign currency.


As experts in immigration field, we can advice and assist you to acquire Turkish Citizenship through investment. In 2022’s Turkey, there are lots of opportunities to chase in dynamic Turkish market and it is appealing to both Turkish people and Foreign. As foreign, people have decent incentives in scope of investments. Person willing to invest in Turkey will have plenty of incentives like exceptions, tax deductions and supports. VAT refund, corporate tax reduction, land allocation, infrastructure support, cash support and many other incentives that we cannot explain at once waiting for investors.


In addition to these incentives, you can obtain Turkish Citizenship while you make lots of profits in Turkey. To obtain citizenship, you may establish a company under Turkish law and invest at least amount of 500.000 USD or equivalent foreign currency. As experienced and qualified attorneys, we can assist and advice you in stages of establishing company.


After making necessary amount of investment, you should apply to the General Directorate of Incentive Application and Foreign Capital of the Ministry of Industry and Technology for the certificate of eligibility. Ministry will confirm your investment and issue a certificate of eligibility. Following this, with required documents, you shall apply for a resident permit. Following obtainment of resident permit, the last stage is to apply to the Provincial Directorate of Census and Citizenship for citizenship with required documents.


After decision of ministry, you finally can have citizenship.


Our law office takes place in Fatih province of Istanbul, where all these procedures are running. As experienced attorneys, we can run these procedures for you fully, professionally and fast since we are in the heart of all process.


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